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Vehicular Intelligence Lab is focused on implementation and verification of intelligent transportation system. 
We are particularly interested in design, implementation, and testing of multimedia transmission by short-range wireless communication networks.
 Also, we are engaged with multimedia signal processing, theoretically and practically. 
To deliver multimedia contents through wireless links, background knowledge on communication, computer vision, and networking is required. 
In order to understand multimedia signal processing, knowledge on image processing is indispensable. 
If you have knowledge on both area, you are welcome. If not, you are still welcome on the condition that you will do your best.


Level of intelligence depends on what you do when you have problems. 
Goal of research works being carried out by the lab is to elevate your current level of intelligence to higher level. 
However, we just provide you a chance and the remaining to get higher level is up to you.

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Vehicular Intelligence Lab

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